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Our Future Depends on the Arctic

December 14, 2019

The consequences of losing the Arctic, which plays a critical stabilizing role in the global climate, are catastrophic. The world needs an all-out effort to keep the Arctic safe. Save it from the ravages of warming and we can save the planet. New York Times Op-Ed by Durwood Zaelke and Paul Bledsoe read more


African Ministers of the Environment Call for Fast Climate Action on Super Pollutants

November 15, 2019

African ministers of the environment at the 17th session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment called for fast action on short lived climate pollutants, methane, tropospheric ozone, black carbon and HFCs for climate action, also urging for rapid ratification of the Montreal Protocol’s Kigali Amendment. read more


FACT SHEET: HFCs & Efficient Cooling

October 29, 2019

Phasing down HFCs has the potential to avoid up to 0.5°C of warming by the end of the century. Simultaneous improvements in energy efficiency in refrigeration and AC equipment during the transition to low-GWP alternative refrigerants can potentially double the climate benefits of the HFC phasedown of the Kigali Amendment. read more


FACT SHEET: Role of Super Pollutants in the Context of the Climate Emergency

September 20, 2019

Taking fast, ambitious action to reduce SLCPs- methane, tropospheric ozone, black carbon, and HFCs— can cut the rate of global warming in half and Arctic warming by up to two-thirds and deliver multiple benefits for sustainable development and human well-being. read more


“Land is under growing human pressure; Land is part of the solution; but land can’t do it all.”

August 8, 2019

Released today, the IPCC’s Summary for Policymakers of its second Special Report Climate Change and Land (SRCCL)explores the complex connections between climate change and land. The Report confirms the significant role land use has on greenhouse gas emissions and, conversely, climate change’s impact on the world’s land use. read more


India’s EESL and Voltas Protect Climate, Ozone Layer with Bulk Procurement of Super Efficient and Affordable ACs

July 5, 2019

India’s EESL will soon begin selling seven-star rated Voltas inverter-air room conditioners (RACs) at a discount price of ₹41,500 (US$604) for a 1.5-tonne unit, which is cheaper than a five-star rated AC. The price reduction is the result of EESL bulk procurement of 50,000 RACs. read more


New UC Textbook Lays Out Key Solutions to Climate Emergency

June 24, 2019

New course and textbook by the University of California, Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions, authored by more than 20 leading climate experts, lays out ten solutions that together can bend the curve of climate warming below dangerous levels. read more


China’s Green and High-Efficiency Cooling Action Plan: A Model for Cooling-Efficiency Ambition

June 13, 2019

The China Cooling Action Plan sets forth targets for cooling-product energy efficiency improvement by 2022 and 2030. The Plan also describes key cooling-related priorities for China. IGSD‘s English translation of the China Cooling Action Plan and the associated transmittal Circular is available here. read more


Warming Polar Regions Threaten “Climate Chaos”

May 13, 2019

To reduce the worst of climate impacts, it is fundamental to understand Earth’s Polar Regions. IGSD’s Primer on Polar Warming examines the current state of the climate in the Poles, projections of change for the future, and highlights fast mitigation strategies to reduce warming, especially through cuts to SLCPs. read more


President Macron and President Xi lead strengthened climate action through cooling efficiency and HFC phase out

March 25, 2019

At their bilateral meeting during President Xi’s visit to France in March 2019, both leaders agreed to work together to promote ratification and implementation of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol and to promote the improvement of energy efficiency standards in the cooling sector. read more


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