Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Hurricane Ida becomes the fifth most powerful storm to hit US (interview)

September 3, 2021

TRT World Now – In the context of flash flooding in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, the fires out West in California, and Hurricane Ida passing through Louisiana, IGSD President Durwood Zaelke answers the questions “aren’t these exactly the kind of scenes that scientists say the world would see more of because of the climate change caused by humans?” and do you think these events are going to be the example needed for politicians around the world to adopt better strategies to combat this crisis?

“This is a shadow of the future, but that shadow is going to get darker and darker. This isn’t a static moment. We are racing through a system that is getting worse and worse. And if we don’t win the sprint to 2030 by slamming on the breaks by cutting the super climate pollutants, we risk losing complete control of the climate system.”

– Durwood Zaelke, IGSD President