Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Is the climate crisis playing a role in extreme weather in the US, Europe and Asia? (interview)

July 22, 2021

TRT World Now– IGSD President Durwood Zaelke answers the questions Is the climate crisis playing a role in extreme weather? And, with renewed U.S. efforts on climate, are you more optimistic climate targets can be reached or do you think we are out of time?

Zaelke remind us “we’re not out of time to save what we can,” highlighting President Biden and his climate Team’s fast action climate strategies which include:

  1. Stopping climate warming from breaching the 1.5°C temperature barrier
  2. Making the current decade to 2030 the decade of fast climate action
  3. Beyond reducing CO2, also focusing on reducing the non-CO2 short lived climate pollutants, including HFC refrigerants and methane, which is the fastest way to slow down warming