Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development


Durwood ZaelkePresident
Matthew StilwellSenior Attorney
Melinda SofferDirector of Finance & Administration
Dr. Stephen O. AndersenDirector of Research
Romina PicolottiSenior Policy Analyst
Dr. Nancy ShermanDirector of Technical Assessment
Tad FerrisSenior Counsel
Xiaopu SunSenior China Counsel
Mohamed Rida DerderSpecial Counsel for North Africa
Maxime BeaugrandDirector of Paris Office
Dr. Gabrielle DreyfusChief Scientist
Kristen N. TaddonioSenior Climate and Energy Advisor
Zerin OshoIndia Climate Law and Policy Advisor
Jorge Daniel TaillantClimate Justice Policy Advisor
Jon TurnerLegal Fellow
Giselle GonzalezMedia Coordinator
Trina ThorbjornsenResearch Associate
Amelia MurphyAssistant to the President