Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

Revised deal agreed at COP26 (interview)

November 13, 2021

TRT World Now– IGSD President Durwood Zaelke shares his take on where he stands on the outcomes of COP26? Openly weeping or clapping at the end?

“We see this as a glass half full”

“I see this as laying down the tracks for actually keeping the planet to 1.5C, or at least keeping that target insight.”

“If you look carefully you see a new architecture emerging where the world has finally said, ‘we know there is a climate emergency. It is here today’… We see the focus shifting to 2030. This is the decisive decade of action… Also, in this new architecture is the recognition that you have to target the non-CO2 super climate pollutants like methane, in addition to carbon dioxide. That is hugely important as well.”

– Durwood Zaelke, IGSD President