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Giving the Cold Shoulder to Wasteful Air Conditioners

September 10, 2015

From Paris to Karachi, Seattle to Tokyo, 2015 has brought countries across the globe record-breaking temperatures. In addition to leading to wildfires, droughts, and thousands of premature deaths, it also has brought increasing demand for electricity to run air conditioning, leading to disruptive blackouts and reduced energy for other uses. read more


The Best Shot for Slowing Climate Impacts in Alaska and the Arctic

August 27, 2015

I worked in Alaska many years ago as a young attorney defending the forests, fisheries and other remarkable natural resources of the last frontier. The “termination dust” that fell every fall ahead of the deep freeze of winter made my job easier, providing an annual pause in development, with the cold winters that followed keeping the permafrost permanently frozen. Yet now, the vast and beautiful natural resources of Alaska and the broader Arctic region face their greatest threat of all: global warming. read more


Obama-Xi Climate Agreement Opens Door to Success in Paris in 2015

November 12, 2014

President Obama’s historic agreement Wednesday with President Xi Jinping of China is the kind of bold action needed to reinvigorate the world’s efforts to slow and eventually reverse climate pollution. The president has opened the door to success with a global climate agreement in Paris next December. His climate leadership just might save the world from the most severe climate impacts before they become irreversible. read more