Our Work

We work to ensure fast cuts to the non-carbon dioxide climate pollutants and other fast climate mitigation strategies to slow near-term warming and self-amplifying climate feedbacks, avoid or at least delay catastrophic tipping points, and limit global temperature rise.

Our research confirms that decarbonization alone is insufficient to slow near-term warming to keep below 1.5 °C or even the more dangerous 2 °C guardrail. The fastest and most effective strategy is to combine the marathon to net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) with the sprint to rapidly cut non-CO2 climate pollutants.

Initiatives to implement fast-action

“Fast-action” includes regulatory measures that can begin within 2–3 years, be substantially implemented in 5–10 years, and produce a climate response within decades. It’s the only way to keep the 1.5 °C guardrail in sight.

FACE Intergenerational Justice

Youth-created and youth-led effort to implement fast-action climate strategies to preserve the planet for future generations.

Climate Litigation

Supporting climate litigation around the world that targets fast mitigation remedies.

Other efforts

IGSD works to implement sub-national fast mitigation strategies, protect sinks, and study methane removal, among other efforts.

Additional Resources

Audio & Video

Podcast appearances and video interviews


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