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Ozone Community Recognized as Critical to Making ‘Great Things Happen’


08 March 2022 The 1987 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer not only put the stratospheric ozone layer on the road to recovery and kept humanity safe from harmful ultraviolet radiation but it has also done more than any other agreement to slow catastrophic global warming. The success of this treaty has hinged on a combination of factors, among them the purposeful and effective collaboration within the Ozone community, recognized in a new book out today, Partnering: Forge the Deep Connections That Make Great Things Happen  by Jean Oelwang.

Partnering explores how building deep business and personal relationships lays the foundation of a meaningful life. She draws from the wisdom of many legendary partnerships including Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Ben and Jerry, Desmond and Leah Tutu, and the collective started by Mario Molina and F. Sherwood Rowland that saved humanity by protecting stratospheric ozone.

Among the sixty great partnerships who have made a profound difference – ranging from business partners, to friends, to life partners – Oelwang spotlights Director of Research at the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD) Dr. Stephen O. Andersen, Nobel Laureates Mario Molina and F. Sherwood Rowland, and former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Mostafa Tolba, as key partners responsible for addressing the first great threat to the global atmosphere.

Partnering also recognizes Brian G. Gardiner, Jonathan Shanklin, and Joseph Farman (who made the discovery of the ‘Ozone hole’ in the 1980s), and Dr. Penelope Canan, and Dr. Nancy Reichman.

“The Montreal Protocol is the most successful international environmental treaty ever agreed,” said Dr. Stephen O. Andersen. “Read Jean Oelwang’s inspiring book to find hope for future generations.”

“Without the tireless work of the Ozone community, we would be facing even greater climate impacts, many of which would be irreversible and catastrophic,” said IGSD President Durwood Zaelke. “Partnering serves as a reminder of what the Ozone community accomplished with lessons to protect the climate before it is too late.”

Jean Oelwang is president and founding CEO of Virgin Unite, an entrepreneurial foundation that builds collectives, incubates ideas, and re-invents systems for a better world. All author proceeds from book sales will be donated to Plus Wonder – an independent not-for-profit initiative inspiring deep connections for better lives, better organizations, and a better world.

Partnering: Forge the Deep Connections That Make Great Things Happen is available for order here.

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