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Super Pollutant Day at Global Climate Action Summit


At Super Pollutant Day, co-hosted by the Climate & Clean Air Coalition, the Pisces Foundation, and the ClimateWorks Foundation, IGSD promoted the multiple benefits of mitigating super climate pollutants, including their critical role in keeping warming well below 2ºC, the outer limit set by the Paris Agreement. The video of IGSD president, Durwood Zaelke’s presentation is below.

A related Op-Ed, Why California summit is make or break for climate safety, co-authored by Zaelke, Prof. Ramanathan, and Nobel Laureate Mario Molina, was published September 7th by the San Diego Union Tribune, and re-published by the LA Times.


Super Pollutant Day on September 12th was hosted as part of California Governor Jerry Brown’s  Global Climate Action Summit. The full day event hosted two high-level panels, Why we need to act now and Commitments and action. The event served as a call to action and included commitments to reduce super pollutants from national, state, and local governments, business, and non-profit organizations. Two of the world leading scientists noted that the super pollutants are the low hanging fruit. Solutions exist now, they are technically feasible, and in many cases can be achieved at no-net cost. The Climate & Clean Air Coalition also hosted their annual awards ceremony. The 2018 winners included Prof. V. Ramanathan, Dr. Mario Molina, actor and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio, Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, among others.

Watch the event’s video here.

"[Solving climate change] takes expert engineering, scientific research, political collaboration and great wisdom to forge ahead not in one administration but in several...That's why I say we're like the base camp. I'm looking up at Mount Everest. We've got a big mountain to climb."

– Governor Jerry Brown, 11 September 2018