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IGSD works to promote just and sustainable societies and to protect the environment by advancing the understanding, development, and implementation of effective, and accountable systems of governance for sustainable development.

  • 10 Nov

    Montreal Protocol Aims High in Quito to Avoid 1º C of Future Warming

    At the conclusion of the annual meeting of the Montreal Protocol, the Parties took their strongest action yet to increase energy efficiency of cooling equipment in parallel with the mandated phase down of HFC refrigerants under the Kigali Amendment
  • 9 Nov

    The Kigali Amendment’s and China’s Critical Roles in Evolving the Montreal Protocol

    A new article in the fall 2018 issue of Natural Resources & Environment (American Bar Association), by IGSD attorneys Xiaopu Sun and Richard Ferris, examines the Kigali Amendment’s and China’s critical roles in evolving the Montreal Protocol into a full-fledged climate treaty. 
  • 5 Nov

    Scientists Confirm Ozone Layer Healing Thanks to Montreal Protocol

    The Montreal Protocol—the only treaty with universal membership of all UN countries—is continuing to heal the protective stratospheric ozone layer and also protecting the climate, a key scientific assessment concludes today.
  • 19 Oct

    Dangerous Demand for Air Conditioning

    The efficiency of ACs needs to double in little over two decades as part of a drive to give the world a chance of avoiding dangerous climate change, the IEA reports. Otherwise, the growing demand for cooling and the fossil fuel needed to feed that demand will cause still more warming in a dangerous feedback loop, even as it saves lives, creates wealth, and improves education in the world’s hottest countries.