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IGSD works to promote just and sustainable societies and to protect the environment by advancing the understanding, development, and implementation of effective, and accountable systems of governance for sustainable development.

  • 26 Jul

    China Announces Plans for Domestic Regulatory and Policy Action on HFCs

    At its monthly press conference, the China Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced plans for domestic regulatory and policy action to implement the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.
  • 22 Jul

    Is the climate crisis playing a role in extreme weather in the US, Europe and Asia? (interview)

    IGSD President Durwood Zaelke answers the questions Is the climate crisis playing a role in extreme weather? And, with renewed U.S. efforts on climate, are you more optimistic climate targets can be reached or do you think we are out of time? Zaelke remind us “we’re not out of time to save what we can."
  • 1 Jul

    Record heatwave hits parts of Canada and US (interview)

    "The world is getting hotter and is going to stay hotter if we don't slam on the breaks of warming. The fastest way to do this is by cutting the super climate pollutants, including methane, HFCs & black carbon. Heat is the enemy we need to beat." - IGSD President Durwood Zaelke
  • 6 May

    Cutting Methane Key to Keeping Earth From Warming Itself Beyond Human Control

    Aggressively cutting methane emissions is the fastest and most effective way to reduce the rate of warming and keep the global average temperature from breaching the 1.5°C barrier above preindustrial levels, according to the Global Methane Assessment released today by UNEP and the CCAC. The Assessment calculates that available mitigation measures can cut emissions from human activities by 45 percent and avoid nearly 0.3 °C of warming by the 2040s.